Surviving 1,000 Hours of Culinary School
By Bob Foulkes

"Even if you know where you are going, you’ll always end up somewhere else. Ending up somewhere else is the point of any adventure, and when you end up where you least expect to, it means you’ve had a good one." – Bob Foulkes

Staring down a milestone age, Bob Foulkes was not content to experience life from the comfort of his easy chair. From competitive running, cycling, and swimming to travelling the world and volunteering, Bob had experienced his fair share of adventures. Then he turned 60. Semi-retired, restless, and yes, bored, Bob was ready for his next adventure. 

Inspired by Julia Child’s great passion for food and a certain animated French rat, Bob takes his leap and enrolls in the six-month culinary program at Vancouver’s renowned Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. In this hands-on program – 1,000 intensive hours -- Bob (the oldest student in the class, by a long shot) faces the many rigorous mental and physical challenges of culinary training with grace, humility, and good humour. 

Filled with technical and personal details of Bob’s culinary education, this behind-the-scenes account of life in a professional training kitchen is both eye-opening and inspiring. Whether facing a career or mid-life change, Bob’s timely and honest book will strike a cord with readers seeking their own adventures. 

Bob lives in Vancouver where he firmly asserts that while he is not a "chef" he does enjoy practising his culinary skills preparing French-inspired meals for willing friends and family.

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ISBN 978-0-9866031-2-9  $21.95
200 pages, paperback 5.75” x 8.25”
french apple press

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