Our mid-month forecast: DELICIOUS.

Our mid-month forecast: DELICIOUS.

Thursday, January 14th 2016

A conversation in our kitchen with Bonnie Stern

6:00pm - 7:30pm

Canada can boast a true culinary treasure in Bonnie Stern. This evening we welcome Bonnie into our kitchen for a conversation about her present career in the culinary world. Though Bonnie no longer has her legendary cooking school, she remains very active writing her newspaper column, hosts a book club, travels the world and interviews the well known figures of gastronomy.

Cost of this evening is $35.00 and will include refreshments and stimulating conversation.

Please telephone the shop at 604.688.6755 to reserve.

Sunday, January 17th 2016

We will be hosting these three amazing women here at our bookshop.

These events are free of charge, but we advise to telephone in advance to confirm attendance.

 Tara Austen Weaver 12:00pm - 1:00pm Today at noon, please join us in shop to hear Sheryl Mackay interview writer Tara Austen Weaver for CBC's North by Northwest radio show. Today's topic will be the food we remember from the books we read and loved as children. Anne of Green Gables? Little House on the Prairie? Winnie the Pooh? Alice in Wonderland? We will ask audience members to participate, so please come prepared with your memories.

Madhur Jaffrey 1:00pm - 2:00pm I have long been a fan of this wonderful woman. Madhur has lived an incredible life; acting, writing, living. Most recently, Madhur has penned another book of recipes: Vegetarian India. CBC's Sheryl MacKay will interview Madhur, live to tape, for North by Northwest Radio program. We welcome Madhur back to the shop this afternoon. Please join us for chai and treats, conversation and laughter. There is no charge to meet Madhur, there will be copies of Vegetarian India available for purchase. Please telephone the shop to advise of your attendance. A nice post holiday affair.

Rose Levy Beranbaum 3:00pm - 4:00pm Rose Levy Beranbaum is unquestionably one of the best writers on baking and pastry North America has produced. Her definitive collection is always in our library.

Rose has travelled from New York to Vancouver for a very special occasion. She has designed the wedding cake for Nathan Fong and Michel Chiccone's extravaganza, and she is going to personally bake it in the kitchen of the Sutton Place Hotel.

Rose will visit us today, the day after the wedding, and will chat about her adventure with this project. The cake will be featured in her upcoming publication: Rose's Wedding Cakes. Monday,


January 18th 2016

Chef Kian Lam Kho joins us at Mission Restaurant

6:00pm - 9:00pm 

A beautiful new book has entered our library this Autumn; Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees by chef and author Kian Lam Kho. Kian lives in New York city, teaching the fundamental techniques of Chinese cooking. This book is a guide for home cooks who are curious to learn more about this magnificent cuisine. Chef Curtis Luk of Mission is both Chinese, and talented at cooking many cuisines, tonight he is delighted to alter the regular offerings of Mission and present us with a menu from Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees.

Our evening will begin with a Cocktail, paired for the occasion, a book signing and conversation with Kian, and dinner.

Cost of the evening is $140.00. This includes a personalized copy of the book, cocktail, meal and gratuity.

Please telephone the shop at 604.688.6755 to reserve your seat.

Stay tuned for details on Ruth Reichl, Monday, February 15th...