Sense(ual) Cookbooks

When the day is done, and I lay in wait for slumber to transport me to dreamland, I find myself thinking about cookbooks.   And, as December approaches the years finale, I ruminate over the books that have tickled my fancy this season.

The best way to fall is asleep is with a smile, especially after a hearty chuckle, and the thought of six cookbooks that heighten my senses, did just this.


My EYES opened wide to a wild interpretation of  Brazilian cuisine in D.O.M.   Alex Atala

FEEL a delicious  tranquillizer settle my soul when reading COI.  Daniel Patterson

To SMELL bread baking is the wonder of kneading through TARTINE 3.    Chad Robertson

I can TASTE a world of flavour in ONE GOOD DISH.  David Tanis

I HEAR Nigel's enthusiastic voice of truth, in EAT, THE LITTLE BOOK OF FAST FOOD.  Nigel Slater

UMAMI dreams?  SMOKE & PICKLES.  Edward Lee


Here's to the joy of embracing our good senses.