Bed-Time Reading

Reading in Bed: Smoke & Pickles

Personally, I don't like to read in bed, but I do love to read in my favourite chair, which is very close to my bed, and I love to read before I retire to my bed. I truly believe you will have pleasant and sweet dreams, if you tuck in with a good cookbook at the days end.

One of the books that is keeping me well read, fed and satisfied this Summer is "Smoke & Pickles" by Edward Lee.   What dreams I have conjured as I plan a picnic with Kentucky Fried Quail, or a solo meal of Kimchi Poutine.  A soothing dessert of Chilled Buttermilk-Maple Soup with Bourbon-Soaked Cherries will delight and cool a hot Summer soul.

This Summer, next week in fact, I can share both this book and the author, Edward Lee, with you.  Ed will be in the shop on Wednesday, the 24th of July for a reception and signing.   Top Chef Matthew Stowe will be by his side, cooking recipes from this dreamy book.  Edward will share his stories, and we can take this memory, and his book home to share with our friends and family. We can even read to them in bed.

Cost of this reception, which includes a personalized copy of "Smoke & Pickles"  is $55.

Please telephone the shop at 604.688.6755 to reserve.

- Barbara-jo