Vegetable Forward at Barbara-Jo's

Recently, the Sunday Supper series hosted an evening that featured a delightful array of summer vegetables. The menu - based on the popular cookbook     Plenty  - was prepared by local chefs David Gunawan and Jack Chen. In addition to a startlingly fresh medley of    radishes, peas, turnips and other garden staples, highlights included a savoury buckwheat porridge and a dessert of salmonberries foraged from Lynn Valley that very day. (Complete  with a refreshing sorrel sauce.)  It's all part of a growing trend in dining that Barbara-jo likes to call "vegetable forward." 

If you missed the evening, you'll get a chance to experience Gunawan and Chen's vegetable forward philosophy when - along with the rest of their team - they open The Farmer's Apprentice  at 1535 West 6th Ave. A brand new restaurant where the accent will be on the freshest produce available. If the menu is anything like what we tasted at the shop, it's sure to make eating your vegetables a pleasure.