Fall in Love with our Lineup

Shauna, Lidia, Lynn, Lucy, Rosie, Mary, Roberta, Suzanne, Adrienne, Glenys, Mollie, Julie…. Autumn is with us and we are eager to share all these women with you. They come to us in the hopes of nurturing you all with their words and the food they cook.

All these women come from backgrounds as various and interesting as the day is long: Mollie Katzen, a pioneer in Vegetarian cookery books. Lidia Bastianich, possibly, the smartest edible woman in New York! Suzanne Goin, our neighbour down the California coast with her second book, how much we have enjoyed her first. The marvelous journeys they have traveled have inspired us to create our own memorable moments with food and living with contented diets. Then there’s the Men; That’s another story……….

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To help make introductions or become reacquainted with our guests:

Watch  Suzanne Goin cook a weekend lunch for her kids on Bon Appétit’s website.

Listen  to Lydia Bastianich and Judith Jones as they discuss cooking for one and the health benefits of cooking for yourself.

Read about Shauna Ahern’s Gluten-Free journey.

Dispel Moosewood myths as you read  this article about Mollie Katzen.