Reading, Cooking and Eating our way into the NEW YEAR

There is always much to think about as the year begins, and after a very hectic Autumn and December,  I resolve to read and cook slower, and eat slowly.   For the Winter, we have closed the shop on Monday, altered the hours on the other days a wee bit, and as I post events for the Winter and Spring, my thoughts are leaning toward the course of health and comfort.   To compliment my desire of gentle pleasure,  I am  looking forward to January 17th, when the "Hot Chocolate Festival" begins.   A whole month of adventuring into participating venues to sample their creations.  How lovely is this idea, a small festival celebrating the ritual and tradition of this most comforting drink.  You can find more information at

Happy New Year and here's to embracing the challenges of 2015 with joyful enthusiasm.