Read, Cook, Eat... (with us)


Join us for Bitter, a taste of the world's most dangerous flavour...

The New Year has arrived and we have already begun to READ, COOK & EAT with miraculous abandon. We have two sessions of Eating Between the Leaves this Winter/Spring and last week we gathered to collect this seasons choices. Dinner was served, ideas were exchanged and we sent each of our contented souls off with a bag full of real books. But remember, even if you are not able to be a part of these sessions, we are very happy to sell you the line-up and chat with you about the books.

Our Sunday Social Suppers are simmering along, much more will be posted as we move into the year. We are very excited to welcome Jennifer McLagan back into the shop to celebrate her 4th book. Please join us on Monday, January 26th from 5:00 – 6:00pm to join Jennifer and her home-made tonic paired with another refreshing fluid substance