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** As April wanes and we embrace the merry month of May, we entice you to peruse our events schedule.

** Our Newest Featured Event:

We are pleased to host an event for the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia. The society has published a delightful book of recipes, stories and poems illustrating the history of the Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Community.

Please join us for an evening of food, readings, story telling and poetry. The menu, all prepared by long standing members of the society, will include recipes from "Eating Stories" A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck.

Lotus Root Chips with Five Spice Seasoning, Braised Pork Belly, Wok Fried Prawns with Snow Peas, Family Style Soy Chicken, 8 Jewel Fried Rice and Apple Tarts.

Cost: $65.00 Includes refreshments and a copy of "Eating Stories". This evening is a fundraising event promoting awareness for the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia.

Please telephone 604.688.6755 to reserve for yourself and your loved ones. Click Here To View Our Upcoming Events (http://www.bookstocooks.com/events/)

** We will also be posting dates very soon for the Autumn “Eating Between the Leaves” reading club

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