NOPI is a restaurant in London, England.

Last year we had the immense pleasure of hosting Yotam Ottolenghi in our shop.  The gathering was intimate, we enjoyed the recipe Yotam demonstrated while Sheryl MacKay interviewed Yotam for her charming North by Northwest radio program.   Yotam was in Vancouver to promote his fourth cookery book, Plenty More.  Two recipes I have particularly enjoyed from this latest vegetable offering are the 'Eggplant Cheesecake' and the 'Cauliflower Cake'.  I chose these recipes to try as they were unusual to me, and both preparations were  hearty and satisfying for a main meal when paired with a salad.

Another perk for me is receiving advance reading copies for the upcoming season of book publications.  A few days back, Nopi, the anticipated publication from Ottolenghi's restaurant, arrived to my shop.   I immediately took this home, have earmarked many recipes to cook once the heat subsides somewhat, allowing me to return to the hob.    Last night I did try a salad of Radish, Pink Lady Apple, and Belgium Endive.  Cooling, lovely, delicious.

If you would like to pre-order Nopi, we will extend a 15% discount.  Please telephone us at 604.688.6755.