We welcome the arrival of Ruth Reichl! 

Ruth Reichl is coming to the Vancouver Club with Jim Byrnes

Monday, February 15, 2016 * 6:00pm 7:30pm * Vancouver Club

Tonight, we have the pleasure of presenting one of America's culinary legends. Ruth Reichl is well known for her journalistic career; restaurant critic for Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Editor of Gourmet Magazine until its demise. The year following this tragic loss for food lovers and travelers, found Ruth blue and introspective. Ruth has penned a delightful book: My Kitchen Year. Ruth writes beautifully. Her chapters take us through the seasons, her thoughts and observations as she heals, and shares the 136 recipes that she believes saved her life.

Here in Vancouver we can boast that Jim Byrnes lives here. Jim is American born, the same vintage as Ruth, and a master of dealing with the blues. Tonight Jim will interview Ruth about the book, the blues and their mutual capacity to embrace cooking and life.

This evening will begin with the interview, followed by a reception with tasty nibbles from Ruth's new book, wine, and book signing. COST: $75.00

There will be a dinner after the signing for 28 guests. Ruth and Jim will be at the table, and price includes the interview portion, the book, dinner and wine pairings. COST: $175.00

Please telephone the shop to ensure your attendance for this special evening. 604.688.6755

Latab is all about FORAGING, inspired food, and drink. 

Monday, March 14, 2016 * 6:00pm - 9:00pm * Latab Wine Bar

Latab is a fairly new Wine Bar in Vancouver's downtown. Small, friendly and extremely interesting. Kris Barnholden & Eryn Dorman have created a unique menu with many of the ingredients locally foraged.

Tonight we will enjoy a menu that highlights these ingredients. Camille Flanjak - local forager to the restaurants of our community - will be on hand to enlighten us with her craft and knowledge.

You will leave enchanted and with a Foraging pamphlet that will encourage you to notice what delightful edibles are growing right under our noses!

Cost of this meal which includes tax and gratuity along with a fine education and pamphlet is $75.

Please telephone the shop to reserve your seat at the table. 604.688.6755