Orgasmic October

Guests of last night's event had an orgasmic experience. Shari Darling, author of Orgasmic Appetizers and Matching Wines, educated guests about the intricacies of food and wine pairing while Chef Glenys Morgan prepared a spread of appies from the book. Six appetizers were served with six unique wines. The menu included virgin cherries stuffed with goat cheese; caviar dip; tuna spring rolls with fresh herbs and wasabi mayonnaise; mini curried sweet potato latkes with mint; applesauce and sour cream; roast beef and avocado whole wheat sliders with korean mayo; and truffle mashed potatoes with garlic and caramelized leeks.

Another thrilling event occurred this past weekend when Chef David Tanis of Chez Panisse hosted a dinner served family-style at Aurora Bistro. Aurora's Chef Jeff Van Geest prepared the menu which was inspired by David's new book A Platter of Figs. Guests feasted on platters of pontiac potatoes and smoked sablefish tortilla; watercress, beet and egg salad; duck breast with roasted crabapples and duck liver toasts; and pears and parmagiano.