Food Trends for 2009

Once the New Year dawns, food-curious people often try to predict food trends for the upcoming year. This article gives a review of several different lists and predictions. Some common trends? The cuisine of Peru, sustainable seafood, comfort food, ginger beverages, Asian noodles in soup.

Given current economic circumstances, it's not surprising that an article in The Houston Chronicle strongly suggests that home cooking is making a significant comeback. But home cooking doesn't mean stodgey casseroles and boil-ups. The new "comfort" foods include flavourful international influences, light healthy fair and quick home baking.

Books to Cooks has plenty of books to help you be a trendsetter. Books like Jamie's Ministry by Jamie Oliver and the re-release of Delia Smith's Frugal Food offer new refreshing updates to homecooking and cooking on a budget. Modern Baking by Nick Malgieri offers short-cut baking recipes that turn out like more time-intensive classic recipes. For those who want slow simmered goodness but can't be at home, we carry several slowcooker cookbooks such as Art of the Slow Cooker by Andrew Schloss and Judith Finlayson's latest, Sensational Slowcooker Gourmet.

We're a bit cutting edge ourselves! Our line-up of classes reflects some of these emerging trends and we offer knife skills classes so home cooks can hone their skills before heading into the kitchen. Check out our Schedule for upcoming classes.