Postcards from Paris

7, Fevrier, 2009

Saturday in Paris, with a Parisian. The day started with cafe et pain and the french lesson. A walk in the SNOW, the metro to a wonderful restaurant - le clos des gourmets -where we dined on Scrambled Eggs with Truffles, Salade avec Celery chips and beet puree, steak tartare with celeriac remoulade, roasted calamari with polenta, roast chicken and patates, fromage and Paris Brest, a bottle of wine, cafe. I have dined at this restaurant before and it was as delicous the second time as the first, probably better today as sharing the experience and the food was terribly pleasant. Then off to the cinema to see a movie I had no time to see in Vancouver. Slum Dog Millionaire. Loved it. Then off to la grande epicerie, the most marvelous food emporium I have visited.
sigh. This is a good sigh.