Postcards from Paris

11, Fevrier, 2009

I have been in Paris for one week, the past days have felt like a dream, but now, I truly believe I am here.  I walked to Dehillerin today. This shop was established in 1820 and I am sure it looks the same today as it did then. I purchased an asparagus server, a tart server and an olive scoop. For days, I have listened to the bells of Notre Dame chiming, I stare at the roof and steeple, but have not allowed myself to get too close. In the sunlight today, the church was bathing in its glory, so I just couldn't resist actually touching the walls. Maybe tomorrow, I will go inside.   I did make the five minute walk from my flat into another magical landmark - Shakespeare and Co. And can you imagine, I bought a previously enjoyed out of print cookbook from Scotland. I discovered a new shopping street today, filled my bag with good food and am now about to prepare dinner (my own concoction) for a friend.