Postcards from Paris

13, Fevrier, 2009

Tres gris aujourd 'hui et tres froid.  Mais, je plan to hit the streets momentarily.  Last night my landlord met me at the flat avec a carpenter that will do some renovations on the flat after I depart.  How dare he, I told him to leave it just the way it is or I shall never return!  The plan was to have dinner, and he wanted me to make a choice, but I observed as I was blathering on about food and how I like to dine, the more nervous he became.  Finally, I asked him to please take me to his favourite eatery, within walking distance, on the Isle de Cite.   As we left the building we walked by a building very close to mine that I actually stop to admire every day,  it happens to be the residence of the famille Aga Khan.
We dined at a restaurant you might imagine in a British comedy, very bordel-ish,  ceilings covered with red tufted silk,  flamboyant service,  classic cuisine.   I chose the duck with orange sauce, he had the roast chicken.   I did love the little fried pan-crepes - thick morsels with a lacey edging - they brought as an amuse with a kir royal served in a ruby red coup, and I did enjoy the evening experiencing the Paris that he loves.
Ah, Paris