Postcards from Paris

19, Fevrier, 2009

Today I - well we actually- play tourists. Tour Eiffel. The sky is brilliant and the queue is manageable, and only in my dreams could I have imagined the view I experienced from this historic structure. My tour guide slowly walks us around the 2nd landing while describing every notable landmark. ( I can only hope the pictures are as grand as my memory will be) We leave the tower and walk a short distance to Rue Cler, an amazing market street where we purchase ingredients to cook our dinner. I cannot begin to list the items we came away with, but I envision a full and long evening of eating very well, with a wee bit of wine. But what I can tell you is that when we returned to the flat, our afternoon tea consisted of: Mortadella, Andouille de Guemmene, et Pate de tete, the wine was a South African Sauvignon Blanc - a wonderful wine cost: 10 Euros from Nicolas....
Have I told you I loved Paris?