Postcards from Paris

20, Fevrier, 2009

Well now, a special day indeed. I made my way to the Ritz Hotel and presented myself to the Director of the Ecole Ritz Escoffier, Dominique Potier. We took lunch with a mutual friend outside of the hotel, but the real treat of the day was going back to the hotel for a tour of the kitchens and cooking school. Did you know the kitchens of the Ritz were the inspiration for the kitchen in the film Ratatouille? We had cafe and miniature eclairs in the Bar Vendome (The Hemingway Bar does not open until 6:30 pm which is a must on my list before I return home). The Ritz is a very elegant experience. Then off to explore some more food shops, purchase more food and wine then back to the flat to cook dinner with a friend who cooks much better than me, so I trust the evening will result in a few recipes for the book.