Postcards from Paris

"ce weekend a Paris" has been enriched with friends, food and wine.

Saturday morning took me to the east of Paris, adjacent to the Vincennes, which is what the Bois de Boulogne is to the west of Paris. I travelled here to lunch with new friends who were introduced to me by a very good friend in Vancouver. Their home is in the village of Nogent sur Marne, and the street they live on is basically across the street from the city of Paris. I brought a friend with me who happened to be spending a few days in Paris. We were five, all lovers of food and wine. Our afternoon began with a glass of bubble and nibbles of saucisson sec, peanuts, root vegetable chips. Dejeuner began with a salad of lettuce, a mild goat cheese - warm - on a slice of apple, the wine was Chateau Bel-Air, Lalande de Pomerol 2001. Second course was Sauteed Prawns with basmati rice, cold tomato and cucumber, the wine was Chateau Branaire, St. Julien - Medoc 1975. ( can you believe my good fortune?) We finished the wine with the cheese course, then in a very merry mood, began our dessert course which was the most delicious chocolate gateau with a choice of two glace from Berthillon - rum and raisin or chocolate, of course we all took both. The most beautiful tasting calvados hors d'age was presented, which I declined for myself but managed to sneak a few sips from my friends glass when he was otherwise engaged in conversation. We departed around 4:30, the taxi ride back to Ile de la Cite was sleepy, followed by a delicious nap, a frisee salad with smoked salmon, and sweet dreams.
Sunday morning, I was gently brought into the day as the bells of Notre Dame sang their song of joy. I walked to the Sunday Market on Rue du Monge, which took about 25 minutes, purchased more food, took it back to the flat then met a friend at the Ritz for Sunday Brunch. The brunch is set up in a beautiful room which is otherwise used for private functions. There are many tables of food, one for viennoiserie, another for fish, another for sushi, another for salads, another for middle eastern food, a hot station where they make any egg dish you desire a la minute. The hot offerings included Duck stuffed with fois gras and Sea bass in Brioche with a sauce of crayfish. Then there was the patisserie. sigh. We drank a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, 2002.
The afternoon continued with a walk to Laduree where we purchased macaron (not sure when I will be able to actually eat them) a tour of this neighbourhood before returning to the flat for a nap.
The evening ahead I promise to be disciplined with my work, but hope to take in some jazz at a local club recommend by our server at brunch, before retiring for the night. ONLY 6 SLEEPS LEFT.