Postcards from Paris

24, Fevrier, 2009

I do love jazz, and Paris is happy to please. I went to a club on Sunday night called Caveau de la Huchette. The history of the room goes back to 1550 and was the particular meeting place for the principal figures of the French Revolution; Danton, Marat, Robespierre etc. You can feel the history seeping through the stones and as wonderful as I felt in the room, listening to the Clarinette Connection, my imagination ran wild with thoughts of what exactly went on in these rooms so long ago. But since 1946, this historic landmark has been a jazz club and hopefully, that is what it will stay.
Monday, I spent dedicated to my work, until the late afternoon when I went for a demonstration (in French) of a machine that takes pictures of things. Does this sound like the sort of thing a Luddite would do in Paris? I then met 2 cookbook authors for dinner at a delightful bistro, Dominique Bouchet. Champagne Rose, Cauliflower Soup with Truffles, Ravioles de legumes, Macaronis de homard sur puree de champignons, Galette de pieds de cochon, Souffle chaud au Grand Marnier. Chardonnay from Beaune, Bordeaux Cru Bourgeois, Medoc, 2002.
Now, its time to hit the streets.