Postcards from Paris

25, Fevrier, 2009

Tuesday, I managed to stay close to the flat, working.... but, I did manage to make my way to Rue Cler to re-visit Davilo, an Italian shop. In this small shop, I am at peace; the display of charcuterie, smoked salmon, salmon roe, prepared salads, pastas, oils, wine, pastries and cheese causes me to wimper with joy. The devil within tempts your wallet to open wide, but I am content (today) with salmon fume and lapin and pistachio terrine. In another shop I buy a quail, and in yet another shop, I buy some cauliflower. Home to the flat, where dinner is set in motion. I begin with a glass of Pouilly-Fume and the Rabbit Terrine, then a roasted Quail with Cauliflower Gratin. In many ways, this was my favourite meal in Paris.
Today, the sun was glorious and I took a few hours to walk along the Seine. Dinner plans are still in the making.