Postcards from Paris

26, Fevrier, 2009

I sleep late today. I ate fish at le Dome last night, monkfish (lotte) avec truffles, turbot avec epinards et hollandaise, vouvray - fini. Funny, there is so many places to dine, and I am back to le Dome for the second time this trip - it makes me happy. I tour about my neighbourhood in the (late) morning, cafe at my local, wee bit of shopping, back to the flat for dejeuner. Then, I meet a Canadian friend who is the Paris correspondent for Art Review. He brings along an artist friend and we tour galleries in the 3rd. After our exploring, we go back to his flat to dine with his family. As my time here is drawing to a close, I have cleaned out my fridge to contribute to dinner - salmon fume, cheese, rice, wine and a few other items. We start with sardines, pickles, olives, then he makes blinis for the salmon fume, mushroom soup, squid ink risotto, fromage and poire for dessert. The children devour my leftover macaron from La Duree and perform all sorts of aerobic acts, art projects, recite poetry - their home is busy, loving and the perfect place to be spending my 2nd to last day in Paris.