Postcards from Paris

27, Fevrier, 2009

My last night in Paris and my mood gratefully, has changed from being sad and teary at leaving this paradise I have cocooned in, to happy. I meet 2 friends for a cocktail and decide to arrive early to observe the room, the clientele and the service, on my own - once you enter into lively conversation, it is easy to neglect the nuance. There are 2 levels to this jewel box, about 12 seats on each level. The second level has a bookshelf, well stocked with interesting books. The walls are wood paneled and well taken care of. The bar has 7 stools. There is one bartender, 2 servers, and they are elegant. The presented menu is unique and states clearly that it is for sale, for 5 euro, I order a French 75, it costs 28 euro. Before my drink is muddled, I receive a glass of cucumber water, a bowl of roasted almonds, a bowl of olives and a bowl of chips. A cloth cocktail napkin is presented when the French 75 is served, ahh, this cocktail is perfect. I am happy to observe, a man on his own, two men and one woman together, 2 tables of 2 women each, a couple at the bar and another couple celebrating something special as she receives a very large box containing a very large purse from miu miu as a gift. They kiss, and I smile. My friends arrive but we can share less than an hour together as we must separate to experience other Parisian activities. Can you guess where I have been enjoying this special moment? The first person that does, will receive two tickets to the event at the shop on Monday, March 2nd.

28, Fevrier, 2009

I have left Paris. I am gliding through the skies to Toronto where I will meet with good friends who hopefully, will not have to observe too many tears. What a month, what a life.
Thank you, for sharing my experiences.