An Affair to Remember...

Mes Amis

I have many memories, thankfully. Dates travel through the year and arrive at their destination, and if you happen to be around me at the moment you might just hear me say, “it was on this day, when I was eight, that I was hit by a car”. Or, “it was on this date, my grandfather would have been 126”, and so on. But it was on June 17th, 2010 - cinq a sept - that I launched 'my little one' and though it was only a few days ago, the memory is hazy at best. For me, the affair was magical, surreal and over-whelming. So many of you were there to support me, thank you, from the tip of my Parisienne pink toes - complete with tour Eiffel - to the top of my tête rouge(ish).

As luck would have it, Carol was walking along the seawall one day and discovered DINETTE, our amazing Django Quartet. I am looking for an excuse to have another fête so I can have them near me again soon. Lawren, Mark and Glenys organized the food (recipes from the book), while Brad, head barman at UVA, came to muddle the Pink Drink (recipe in the book) and Barb took care of the gold at the till.

Of course Bernie Lyon was there, grinning from ear to ear. My eyes well up with joy and gratitude when I leaf through the pages of
COOKING for ME and SOMETIMES YOU. Thank you Bernie, your illustrations captured my mood beautifully. Ruth Wilson, with her leg in cast, was there too. Ruth was my editor/proofer. Ruth proofed Tin Fish Gourmet back in 1998 so this was our second liason. The memory of her professionalism stuck with me and I was delighted she was available for this project. As well as bringing Dinette into our lives, Carol helped me manage the project, and of course, there were moments of distress. Merci Carol, your aid was magnifique. (Oh yes, thanks for serving the pink drink)

The books showed up the day before the fête…sigh. The fête was grand and I won’t forget it.

I hope those of you who have purchased COOKING for ME and SOMETIMES YOU - are enjoying my ‘little one’. It is a very private book and it was cathartic for me to write the words. And, if you haven't yet purchased the book, I HOPE you do!

Barbara-jo McIntosh

June, 2010

More photos of the evening's festivities may be found here.