Petit Pots and Pans

Tomorrow marks two weeks until December 1, and for that reason we think it's high time to start letting our Christmas enthusiasm out into the open!

We recently received a new assortment of Demeyere pots and pans, including an adorable casserole and frying pan set that would be a perfect gift for anyone. These pots have everything you could want in a gift- they're small enough to wrap easily, are very practical as they can be used on the stovetop or in the oven and they're cute to boot!

I can't help but think how lovely a little set like this would have been when I was single and cooking for myself. The possibilities of a delicious meal for one seem endless with a petit pot or pan. (Right now I am imagining the world's cutest frittata or perhaps a personal sized cassoulet.)

However, as I am typing this I realize that such a pot set could be very handy for my husband and I to have around the house too. As our home is quite small, we are currently storing our pots and pans inside the oven. For one, this set wouldn't take up too much extra room and for another, they would be ideal if one of us was eating solo. My husband also likes to start most days with an egg and I think it would be helpful for the dishwasher (aka me) to only have to wash a 12 cm pan rather than one double the size.

The pot and pan set with a lid is $49.95 and as they are Demeyere, will likely become a family heirloom as they last for years. A wonderful pairing would be to gift the pot and pan with Barbara-jo's book, Cooking for Me and Sometimes You.