Sometimes 2 Chefs are Better Than One…

The kitchen was in a flurry and the bell was ringing last night as Chefs Glenys Morgan and Lawren Moneta did double duty for a private Christmas fête. Both chefs gamely rose to the occasion (more of a civilized kitchen duet than duel) creating a wonderful array of tasting dishes from two of our top Italian classics, A16: Food & Wine and River Café Classic Italian Cookbook. From A16, Chef Glenys kicked things off with Caponata Bruschetta and a platter of sautéed prawns, while Chef Lawren followed from River Café Classics with a Bread and Tomato Soup with Porcini and perfect little bowls of Malfatti of Swiss Chard (the Italian word ‘malfatti’, literally translated, means ‘badly made’ – not so in Chef Lawren’s kitchen, they were delicious). Chef Glenys served up finger licking Beef Ribs (sharing her secret for the perfect tenderizing beef marinade – spiced yoghurt) with a Salad of Shaved Fennel, Arugula and Oranges. Chef Lawren finished the evening on a sweet note with Ricciarelli – a sweet and creamy almond meringue dusted with icing sugar.

Each guest went home with their book of choice in hand and happy memories of a delicious evening spent with friends. Call us if you are looking to host your own memorable private event, we’d love to share our ideas with you.

A16: Food & Wine by Nate Appleman

River Café Classic Italian Cookbook by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers