Bestsellers January 2011

1. Tin Fish Gourmet by Barbara-jo McIntosh (Raincoast, November 1998)
2. Cooking for Me and Sometimes You by Barbara-jo McIntosh (french apple press, June 2010) 3. Vancouver Cooks 2 edited by Chef's Table Society (D&M, September 2009)
4. Radically Simple by Rozanne Gold (Rodale, October 2010)
5. Au Pied de Cochon by Martin Picard (D&M, September 2008)
6. Twain's Feast by Andrew Beahrs (Penguin, June 2010)
7. The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook by Rachel Saunders (September 2010)
8. What the Great Ate by Matthew Jacob (Crown, July 2010)
9. Vij's at Home by Meeru Dhalwala and Vikram Vij (D&M, September 2010)
10. Loose Birds and Game by Andrew Pern (FACE, October 2010)