C Honours Moms with a Cocktail and Canape Reception

Our mothers. They tied our shoelaces, and applied Band-Aids. They let us lick the cookie dough off the egg beaters. They made the best grilled cheese sandwiches. They stood holding all the jackets at sports games, dutifully. They convinced us that we were the best looking in our high school. Mom’s taxi never ran the meter, and never expected a tip.

When we were learning to drive, they slammed their foot down, even though there’s no break on the passenger side. They took endless pictures before we headed to Grad, even as we groaned and protested.

They couldn’t wait for us to leave the house. And then they couldn’t wait for us to come over and visit. They told us to soar. They told us to settle down. They listened to every phone call. They quietly tolerated our “me me me” phase, because they knew we’d grow out of it. We did.

Sunday, May 8th is Mothers Day. C is celebrating by throwing a complimentary cocktail and canapé reception between 3pm and 5pm. Guests can reserve for this experience by emailing info@crestaurant.com and writing “I Love Mom” in the subject line. Don’t delay; space is limited.