Waving the Weather - May, 2011

Dear Charles,

Back in Vancouver, I muse over the days I spent in the peaceful and thoughtful paradise you have created for yourself, family, and the world that has enough sense to adventure into your particular piece of the landscape. When I find myself frustrated, observing our fast-paced culture losing the plot, I can close my eyes and remember the first moment we motored into your drive way. My exit from the vehicle was simplified when Horatio opened my door, welcoming us into your sanctuary. A delightful discussion continued most amiably while my companion organized the checking in.

Our room was perfect for a platonic couple, two cozy beds, two comfortable chairs nestled around the chimney, and close to the spacious window viewing a gaggle of evergreens framing the ocean whispering its waves into a shore blessed with both a sandy stretch and jagged corner. The working desk that my companion was eager to engage was happily for me, at the other end of the room, facing a wall. The bathing room also boasted a soaking tub under a large glass with the same vista as the bedroom.

We were both ready for a delicious meal, excited to see the menu the current kitchen brigade had created. Our server, from Germany, was a new addition to the Inn, but it felt as though he had been with the family for years as his knowledge of the menu, the amenities, and the surrounding environs was superb.

Both the menu and the meal delighted me immensely. Everything is made in-house, the dedication to local ingredients with worldly flavours and flair - places my perception for the kitchen - to be comparable with other restaurants, I have enjoyed with similar pleasure around the globe. Dungeness crab perogy, halibut with clam risotto, and the dessert menu was so unusual, I forbade my dining companion to ask for a description, insisting we adventure bravely into the unknown. I have never been happier with a sweet surprise than I was in those moments. I purposely spend little energy here describing the dishes I loved, and will always remember, you know how wonderful the food program you support is.

The morning presented my eyes with a grey dawn. I rose eagerly to rush back to the restaurant for breakfast, but I pragmatically took myself to the beach for a walk. Arriving to the restaurant I was ushered to a pleasing table, there is no back room for the single diner in this establishment. Another evocative menu is presented to me, my thirst quenched with a blend of blackberry and cranberry juices. I enjoy everything, again.

I take time to read the newspaper in the library, have a wee nap before I step my way into the spa. I do not partake of the usual relaxing treatments, but am overjoyed with Angel, a woman with many esthetic skills, and as only one of your disciples could, attends her regard for me.

My hours watching the waves, observing surfers commune with the waves, strollers wading in the wake of a watery message from the sea, are happy. I am full of peace, I am secure in the knowledge my diet has been well nourished, and I am delighted to have treasured memories of such gracious hosts.

Thank you Charles, I look forward to being a part of the family at http://www.wickinn.com/ again soon.

Sincerely, Barjo