Endings and Beginnings.

Life has a lot in common with a good book. No matter how much you want a chapter to linger, there's always a final page. My captaincy of the Wednesday night book club has come to an end. But our group went out in fine style - merrily celebrating with the auspicious debut of a brand new cocktail and a lively discussion of two diverse books. Adventures With Knives - published by Barbara-jo's french apple press - chronicles the experiences of writer Bob Foulkes as he makes his way through culinary school boot camp. The Work of Her Hands is Plynn Gutman's moving memoir of her grandmother as told through "remembrances and recipes."

Glenys's prairie roots came in handy as her menu took lovely advantage of Plynn Gutman's Saskatchewan setting. Starters included Radishes with Farm Butter and Celery Sticks with Stilton. This was followed by Doukhabor Beet and Cabbage Borscht with Fresh Dill lovingly accompanied by generous portions of homemade brown bread. The main course? Bison with Saskatoon Berry Sauce and New Potatoes. We finished with Rhubarb Tarte Tatin.

Another chapter of the Wednesday night book club begins in the fall with Barbara-jo devoting the entire session to books celebrating a subject close to her heart - the joys of Paris. What better theme? And what better way to start a whole new collection of culinary memories.