A Summer of Grilling

As the weather is finally starting to warm up, we can't help but turn our thoughts to grilling. We'd grill everything if we could, and bet there are quite a few of you who would agree!

And that's why we've organized four grilling classes, complete with summery beverage pairings. Perfect for either the Grill Master of the house or the beginner, the classes will take inspiration from a different book each time. Call the shop for more details or to reserve your spot in the class.

P.S. These classes would make a great Father's Day gift!

Italian Grill
Thursday, July 7, 6:30 p.m.

Savour a taste of la dolce vita with a warm weather favourite, Italian Grill by Mario Batali. This grilling handbook takes the mystery out of making tasty, simple, smoky Italian food. In addition to recipes ranging from pizzas and flatbreads to Italian style ribs, Italian Grill includes helpful information on grilling techniques as well as a historical and cultural perspective. Chef Glenys Morgan demonstrates her favourites for this delicious summer evening. Beverages for the evening will be provided by Howe Sound Brewery.

Guests: 16 Cost: $105.00

Sauces, Rubs and Marinades
Thursday, July 21, 6:30 p.m.

Barbecue Bible: Sauces, Rubs and Marinades by bbq guru Steven Raichlen offers a lively introduction to such saucy American standbys as well as international grill classics as Indian tandoori, Argentinean chimichurri, Korean boolkogi, and Indonesian satay. The most important lesson Raichlen offers is his careful explanation of the components of great barbecue, which builds upon different layers of flavor. This evening Chef Glenys Morgan demonstrates a variety of wet rubs, marinades, cures, bastes, glazes, or slather sauces from this must-have grilling book. Beverages for this evening will be provided by Howe Sound Brewery.

Guests: 16 Cost: $80.00

How to Grill
Thursday, August 11, 6:30 p.m.

Barbecue authority Steven Raichlen offers the ultimate guide to grilling in his bestselling book, How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques. This comprehensive book of photos, techniques and recipes is great for any backyard chef from novice to the experienced griller. This evening Chef Glenys Morgan fires up the barbecue and demonstrates some of the key techniques for the best outdoor grilling in town.

Guests: 16 Cost: $100.00

Mediterranean Grilling
Thursday, August 25, 6:30 p.m.

Mediterranean Grilling by Diane Kochilas presents a collection of classic and new recipes for flame-kissed dishes from the regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, where the great grilling tradition dates back to ancient times, but the flavors are always fresh. This evening Chef Glenys Morgan is our culinary tourguide as she demonstrates an irresistible array of contemporary and traditional grilled specialties.

Guests: 16 Cost: $100.00