Staff Favourites

Having worked for Barbara-Jo's Books to Cooks for over a decade, Mark seems to know every author and book we carry in the shop. He has the pleasure of cooking from any book he likes in our shop's kitchen and can treat the cookbooks on the shelves like his own personal library. It must have been a tough decision for him to choose his favourites, but he thought it over and came up with a couple of options for you.
1. Cucina Povera
by Pamela Sheldon Johns
Officially categorized as Tuscan Peasant Cooking, this little book brings you comfort food at its best. Not only does it have gorgeous photos that make you want to pack everything up and move to Tuscany, but its recipes are focused on simple, quality farm ingredients and encourage down-to-earth, rustic cooking. Perfect for rainy days to come. If you missed the olive oil cake Mark made from this book, have no fear, we will beg him for another.
2. The Good Cook
by Simon Hopkinson
It appears that Mark has a preference for simple, traditional, approachable cooking. While Simon Hopkinson's books all seem to highlight simplicity, it is The Good Cook that won Mark's top pick. Praised for his use of inexpensive cuts and ingredients, Simon Hopkinson shows you how to cook with care and be the best cook you can be. We highly recommend it.