Staff Favourites

If you have been reading our staff pick posts this week, you most likely have been anticipating Barbara-Jo's picks. We know her selection carries a lot of weight so without further ado, here are her top two choices of the moment.

1. Odd Bits: How to Cook The Rest of The Animal
by Jennifer McLagan

As a bookseller, Barbara-jo enjoys the challenge of introducing Jennifer's philosophy and the goodness of her work to the world. As a booklover, Barbara-jo is simply a huge fan of Jennifer's recipes.

We love the idea of using the whole animal, including all of its unusual bits, the often forgotten parts that can be just as delicious. Jennifer encourages us not to waste any of the animal while discovering new flavours and ways of cooking. Check out the Globe & Mail article on Jennifer's newest book here.

If you are interested in learning more about this sustainable way of cooking, join us at the shop on Sunday November 17th. Jennifer McLagan will be demonstrating recipes from Odd Bits and guests will enjoy dinner with us, complete with wine and an autographed copy of her book. We still have a few seats left!

You could also sign up for a dinner at Cibo Restaurant on Monday November 28th. Jennifer will discuss Odd Bits with her guests while feasting on Chef Neil Taylor's specially designed menu inspired by the book. Call the bookstore to reserve your seat at 604-688-6755.

2. Kitchen Diaries
by Nigel Slater

Barbara-jo's second pick is Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries. She enjoys curling up in bed with Nigel and often fantasize about what he will cook for her in her dreams. Nigel's knowledge and passion for food is contagious and his stories are as endearing as they are captivating. Getting to know him through this book is great. If you end up wanting to know more about Nigel Slater, make sure to watch his biography Toast. Mark has been raving about it all week.

Don't forget to mention our blog book reviews and get 10% off your purchase of the book at the store or over the phone. We look forward to seeing you soon.