Roux est arrivés!

Michel Roux desserts has arrived! Now along with eggs, sauces and pastry our essential 'Roux' set is complete. Dessert have been a lifelong passion for Michel and he is certainly regarded as an authority by chefs around the world. Beautiful presented and photographed, each chapter focuses on a particular type of dessert - fruit ideas, soufflés, puddings, ice creams, sorbets, meringues, mousses, pastries and gâteaux - over 120 fresh classic and contemporary recipes in all.

We can't wait to share this lovely book with you and even better, to welcome Michel Roux in fitting style. So, we put on our thinking 'toques' and came up with two very special events. On Tuesday, December 6th we will host an exclusive evening with Chef Roux to celebrate the release of his highly anticipated new book. While guests enjoy a glass of champagne and sample of treats from desserts, Chef Roux will demonstrate a recipe and share stories of his lifelong passion for dessert artistry. As a special surprise, guests will receive a bundle of three of his books: desserts, sauces and pastry. Hidden inside one of these bundles is a highly coveted prize: a gift certificate for one night’s stay and exquisite dinner at Chef Michel Roux’s Relais & Chateaux destination, The Waterside Inn in Bray, England.

On Wednesday, December 7th we gather at Thierry Busset’s recently opened beautiful chocolate patisserie, Thierry to fête both chefs at a delightful evening of bubbles and sweets. Having worked under the tutelage of Chef Roux at La Gavroche in London, Chef Busset will have some fascinating stories and tips to share with us at this unique event.

For more details on these and other events this fall visit the events schedule on our website or call us.