Welcome Home Baby Grand…

I grew up with an old German upright.   My grandfather purchased everything – all previously enjoyed - at auction.  Each item had to be well built, had to be useful.   As a child, my mother relished this particular purchase, a piano, playing by ear, singing with her heart, dreaming of a career in entertainment.

The piano moved to my mother's own home when I was eight.  This day was more than memorable for me as both my father and my mother's boyfriend were asked to deliver the prized possession.  Once they had heaved the piano onto the front porch, taking a moment to breathe, they observed in silent horror as the piano timbered backside to the lawn, four feet below.  Before mother knew of the mishap, this strong willed instrument was upright again, in place, secure in its new home. 
While our new best friend never sang beautifully, he educated, entertained and served us well for many years.

My adult years have left me longing.  There are three things that soothe me (well really, more than three) but predominantly:  I am happiest reading a real book in a comfy chair, cooking delicious food, and listening to music performed live.  Our little haven on West 2nd Avenue was almost complete for me.  Then, my wonderful friend and lawyer recently donated an antique treasure to the shop.  This beautiful Chappell baby grand resides so naturally in his new home, one would believe he has always been there.  
Our lovely old piano has a grand history dating back to the early 1840’s when they were first produced on Bond Street in London. Enjoy reading more about the remarkable early days of Chappell & Co.

This early tribute to Chappell & Co. pianos makes our hearts puff with pride for our new friend…"Dear Sirs, I consider the tone of a remarkable sweet and sympathetic quality, and of musical sustaining power, and the touch is very responsive and light. Having always been used to pianos of German make, it was a great and agreeable surprise to me to find such a perfect instrument of English manufacture. Yours, Richard Strauss."

Thank you, Doug Hager.  Your council, support and friendship mean everything to me.

Barbara-jo, October 2011