'Tis the Season for Baking!

The cool, brisk weather of winter is the finest time of the year to squirrel away to the kitchen and bake. This past Sunday morning, we began our winter baking season with a recently-revised classic, The Italian Baker by Carol Field. Chef Lawren Moneta transported guests to Italy for a tour of classic Italian baked goods. Guests were impressed with the whimsical yet surprisingly easy-to-make grissini or breadsticks and they learned about the secrets of making a versatile olive oil bread.

Inspired to bake? We are offering a fantastic line-up of of baking classes this week that will suit your every whim...

Short & Sweet on Sunday, January 22 at 10:30 a.m.In the UK, author Dan Lepard has become a household name. Best known for his innovative approach to baking, Dan takes classic British baking recipes and updates them with new flavour combinations and techniques that produce stunning results. This morning Chef Lawren Moneta demonstrates a variety of recipes from Short & Sweet that highlight the best of the book. Spots at this class are $100.00 and includes a  copy of Short & Sweet.

How to Make Bread on Monday, January 23 at 6:30 p.m.This evening baker Chris Brown of the popular Rise Artisan Breads will be demonstrating bread baking basics from How to Make Bread by Emmanuel Hadjiandreau. How to Make Bread sets out to teach everyone, right from the most inexperienced beginners, how to make basic yeasted breads, wheat free breads, sourdoughs, pastries and sweet treats in a very simple, clear and intelligent way.  As with all of his classes, Chris will give guests a broad base of knowledge about ingredients, chemistry and technique for successful bread-baking at home. This evening is $105.00 and includes a copy of How to Make Bread.