WEST TO EAST - Travels to Hanoi with Vietjo

I don't consider myself a traveler, no, I tend to fly from my home in Vancouver to another place, and park myself for a time, usually in an apartment, allowing myself to disappear into the daily life of my adopted, albeit temporary, city. But this time is different for me. I am in Vietnam, with the intent to learn as much as I can about this amazing country, in a few short weeks. And for this period, I will be travelling from Hanoi to Saigon, then across another border to Cambodia.
Our trip began beautifully, and I can only offer you this sage advice: if you plan to take a 14 hour aeroplane trip, across the date line, with the intent to be moving around a country you have never visited, break open the piggy bank and fly buisness class. Aboard our Cathay flight to Hong Kong, we relaxed into a spacious cocoon, and let the attendants pamper us, though being so comfortable, we were actually able to sleep. Soon after we left Vancouver, I dined western style, as we closed in on Hong Kong, I enjoyed Dim Sum for breakfast. We had to hurry across the terminal to our Cathay Dragonair connection to Hanoi. We just made it, and we were off again. On the ground in Vietnam, we were met and driven to the legendary Metropole Hotel. Lunch, a massage and we were ready to take on the evening with dinner at Indochine Restaurant. The beginning of our adventure, leaving my home late Saturday night and sleeping in Vietnam on Monday night, has been dreamy.