‘The Renegade Cuisine Queen' Drops in for Dinner

Despite by the fact that a flight delay from Toronto meant she was the last to arrive at an event in her honour, Chef Lynn Crawford breezed into a shop-full of guests as unfazed and welcoming as if late for a family get together. Without missing a beat, Lynn made her way to the front of the crowd, humbly apologizing for her tardiness before eagerly inquiring,”What’s for dinner?”  She was gung ho to try the mini Tomato Tarte Tatins that Chef Lawren Moneta had prepared from Pitchin' In and gave Lawren a hearty thumbs-up on her interpretation of the Shrimp Crostini with Bouillabaisse Relish.

After introductions were made and her wine glass filled, Lynn jumped right into answering a slew of questions. The adoring and loyal fans of her Food Network shows Restaurant Makeover and Pitchin’ In that filled the shop wanted to know everything from the secret to her television success – “a generous spirit and love of sharing the fun of cooking with people”, to her favourite filming moment - “a luncheon graciously, and every so slowly served by a farmer in his 90’s”.  The only time she missed a beat was when momentarily distracted by the feast of books around her – clearly a cookbook lover.

While platters of Red Velvet Cupcakes were passed around guests queued up to meet Lynn, have their photos taken and new books personalized.

Lynn’s back and picking up where she left off on a new season of Food Network’s Pitchin’ In seeking out the best ingredients around the world and enjoying taking her family of fans along for the ride. She's a wonderful chef with an infectious appetite for cooking and life.  It was a treat to introduce our shop to her and show her a good Vancouver welcome.