She's Leaving on a Float Plane

All her bags are packed and she’s ready to go…(don't forget your gumboots) Barbara-jo’s off to west coast for the Tofino Food and Wine Festival on the first weekend in June. Invited as a guest speaker, Barbara-jo will be bringing a little Parisienne flair to the event as she takes her little Parisienne Romance with Recipes, Cooking for Me and Sometimes You on tour.

Since its humble beginnings in 2003 as a small, local event, the festival has grown into a major destination for food-lovers and tourists drawn both by the glorious setting and the promise of excellent quality food and wine provided by local chefs and wineries. Barbara-jo is thrilled to be a part of this food & wine celebratory weekend. For her event on Sunday, June 3rd, Barbara-jo will take visitors from the wild west coast to chic streets,  romantic cafès and irresistible patisseries as she shares her journey of living, cooking and loving in Paris.

Intrigued? Visit the website for the 10th annual Tofino Food and WineFestival to find out more about all the wonderful events planned for the weekend.