We ♥ Salami

Recipe for Salami Lovers’ Celebration
Main Ingredients:
Quality food + devotion to all things salami + spirit for sharing.
Add following to above:
Splash of cheer + good stories + perfectly paired wines from Viti Wines.
Include a multitude of the finest, freshest salami and savory complements direct from Oyama Sausage.
Mix above with inquisitive, salami loving guests, taste buds primed with 1 icy martini. Top it off with the chance to win a grand Salami Book worth $650.00 Cdn retail.
Add master sausage maker Jan van der Lieck to above.
Follow Jan’s advice. “Eat with gusto and enjoy!”
Thank you Jan, for making food that makes us feel good and making us feel so good about food. The salami Gods are smiling on us all.

A lucky guest won the draw and took home the giant Salami Book.