Autumn Leaves and Sunday Suppers. 

The fall portion of Barbara-jo's Four Seasons of Sunday Suppers gets underway on October 21st. The Sunday Supper Club's mission? Celebrate the culinary splendour of each changing season by delving into the riches of four different cookbooks.

As the leaves begin to change colour and the weather starts to cool, Chef Glenys Morgan will be creating menus based on Cindy Pawlcyn's Cindy's Supper Club.  Pawlcyn, a well-know chef and restauranteur from Napa Valley, wrote her latest book to celebrate both her  passion for international cuisine  and the bounty of choice that comes with each shift in season. As such, it's the perfect choice for Glenys to work her usual magic.

I've attended the popular series in the past and look forward to good company and a season of eclectic dining. While an inquisitive mind adds to the experience, all you really have to do is bring along your appetite.   The rest takes care of itself. The three sessions for the fall segment of our series - which include dates on November 18th and December 16th - are sure to provide a warm and comforting respite from our temperamental weather. The good news? At this writing, there are still three slots left. Phone the shop for more information and someone will be glad to fill you in on the delicious details.