A Tribute to Origin

At a recent Sunday Supper, local chef Jefferson Alvarez created a delicious menu based on Origin: The Food of Ben Shewry. Alvarez -who works his magic at Vancouver's Lift restaurant - shares a basic culinary philosophy with Shewry. The young Australian chef behind Melbourne's Attica restaurant.  "He's very creative and very unique," says Jefferson. "His approach to food is very different but he likes to keep things super simple."  Like Shewry, Jefferson is a young chef who prefers to keep his recipes "close to nature."  

Along with able assistance from chefs Amir and Curtis, Jefferson created a fascinating meal that applied a few interesting local twists to some of his favourite Origin recipes. Dinner began with a Salad of Romain "in a natural state", which featured seaweed and aioli. The next course was Fanny Bay Oysters with Burnt Orange Zest and Mint Stems. This was followed by a succulent Pork Tail coated in six different spices.   The main entrée was Ostrich With Smoked Beets.  Dessert was an elegant French Toast  with Vanilla Cream. Paired with a selection of wines from Spain and Australia,  the menu was fresh, inspired and -  best of all - touched with the flavour of where we live.