Food For Thought

Recently, the shop was especially proud to launch The Stop. A new book by husband and wife co-authors Nick Saul and Andrea Curtis. A fundraiser for UBC farm, The Stop tells the story of how Saul - the former executive director of Toronto's Community Food Centre - helped transform the organization from a typical urban food bank to a nurturing place with gardens, kitchens, a greenhouse and farmers' markets. As Nick - the evening's guest of honour - explains, what started as a local movement to transform frustrated food bank recipients into active participants in their own food community has blossomed into "a mission to revolutionize our food system."

"Poverty leads to a slow and painful death of the spirit," says Nick. "We wanted to make low income people advocates and participants in their own system. The food insecure have to be part of their own future if there's going to be a solution to hunger. Our whole society suffers from poor food choices in one way or another. We have to put more thought into creating better food citizenship."

Nick's talk  on "how to channel our compassion in a better way" led to an illuminating and enthusiastic discussion from the crowd, which included representatives from the local food bank community as well as Amy Frye, the director of UBC Farms. Chef Rob Clark - a longtime advocate of healthy, locally sourced food - kindly contributed his services for the evening.  Guests received a copy of Nick's inspiring book, which now is available at the shop.