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Chef Literacy Scholarship


In partnership with Vancouver's Chefs Table Society, Books to Cooks is delighted to announce Barbara-Jo's Chef Literacy Scholarship.

The idea?  Chefs will apply to the Chefs Table Society for a scholarship based on specific projects or areas of study.  They'll be able to apply those funds directly toward purchasing books at the shop.

For Barbara-jo, it's a chance to nourish the principals that form the foundation of her business. "I believe in the preservation of libraries and the knowledge that comes from real books," she explains.  "The idea of holding a book in your hand, of spending time to savour the gift of turning each page, is something that should be passed n to each generation."

"We bring in books from around the world," she adds.  "They're essential reading for young, professional chefs.  But they can be expensive, especially if you're just starting out.  So I got to thinking: How can I pass on an experience I've always cherished to the young chefs who need it most?"

May 5th, was the inaugural (sold-out) fundraiser for the scholarship.  The three amigos, Quang Dang, Jefferson Alveraz, and Hamid Salimian cooked together - in our small kitchen - serving up an ethereal seven-course menu, based on their culinary heritage.  Pastry chef Kate Seigle completed the meal with her dreamy sweet course, Rhubarb and Flowers.  Naramata wine maker, Richard Kanazawa, paired the menu with Asian esthetic, an inspirited presentation for his inspired wines.  Our heartfelt thanks to you, and of course to those of you, who were with us this night, to enjoy, supporting the idea, the shop, the chefs and books.

Don't worry if you've missed out on the evening.  They'll be other fundraisers in the future.  We hope to build on this inaugural event to eventually create a small lending library for chefs that will grow as the future allows.  In the meantime, if you'd like to make a contribution to this most worthy cause, you can contact the shop about a donation. 

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