Centre for Arts, Ecology and Agriculture at Foxglove Farm

May 2009 marks the launch of the Centre for Arts, Ecology and Agriculture at Foxglove Farm on Salt Spring Island. The Centre, founded by Michael Ableman, was established to demonstrate and interpret the vital connections between farming, land stewardship, food, the arts, and community well being; to model the economic possibilities for small and medium scale sustainable agricultural and forestry projects, and to nurture the human spirit through public programs, classes, and events.

This year, from July through September, the Centre will be offering twelve workshops on topics ranging from organic seed production, food gardening and preserving, to ecoforestry, landscape painting, illustrated journaling and Brazilian samba. The Centre is also offering a children’s farm camp. The workshops will take place at Foxglove Farm, offering people an opportunity to learn and be inspired within the context of a working farm.

Registration for classes is available on the website at www.foxglovefarmbc.ca