Cutco Vs. Wusthof Knives


Are you looking to purchase more knives as you expand your cooking skills? Is your current knife set not cutting it anymore? (so to speak) If that is the case, you likely want to invest in premium knives, but you also may not know the differences. There are many premium knives that you can find in many kitchenware retailers or even on Amazon. However, how can you possibly decide on the best knife to purchase? We will talk about and compare two blades, which are Cutco and Wusthof, as they are excellent options for your kitchen. Which one should you get? Let’s go over the overview of both brands, and then let’s make a comparison. Let’s start by providing an overview of Cutco.

An Overview Of Cutco

Cutco is an American-made knife brand, and it derives from the phrase “cooking utensil company,” and the representatives of Cutco are the ones who will sell you the knives. Customers like that as it provides more of a personal touch, and it is the largest producer of knives in North America. Their brand is highly reputable as their blades are of high quality and are comfortable to use since they are ergonomic.

The one thing about Cutco that is appealing is that they provide a Forever Guarantee which means they will receive replacements if the knives are no longer suitable. These knives are also incredibly sharp as they consist of stainless steel. They do become dull quickly if you use them often, and you will have to send the knives to Cutco to sharpen them as you are unable to do so yourself. However, they will sharpen the blades for free.

The best thing to do when you care for them is to handwash the blades and store them properly. However, they are technically dishwasher safe, but the recommendation is to not use a dishwasher for Cutco knives. The more often you handwash them properly by using a light detergent and a clean, soft cloth to dry, the longer the edge will last. That means you won’t have to sharpen them as often.

Cutco knives are stamped knives which means the production of the blades comes from sizeable stainless steel sheets. The manufacturers buff, heat-treat, and grind the edges to make them highly sharp. The handle’s composition is thermo-resin, and three rivets made with nickel silver attract the blade to the handle.

Several Cutco knife designs are versatile, which means you can cut hard foods and bones without chipping. Their designs are unique. However, the downside is that they are costly. If you are willing to spend money on this high-quality knife, you will be happy with it. What about Wusthof? Let’s go over the overview of that brand.

An Overview Of Wusthof

Wusthof is an iconic German-made knife as the company existed for over 200 years, as it has been around since 1814. The Wusthof family in Solingen, Germany, established the Wusthof brand and the name for that German city is the “City of Blade.” The blades are of high-quality stainless steel and possess a unique sharpness that meets high-end chefs’ approval. Therefore, Wusthof knives are premium forged knives, unlike the Cutco stamped knives.

Wusthof makes knives by using a 40-step regimen as they use elite craftsmanship, and you can expect the blades to have sophisticated and professional designs. The edges are razor-blade sharp, and the more frequently you use them, the blades will become dull over time. However, you can sharpen Wusthof knives on your own as you can position the blades at a 28-degree angle, meaning you can sharpen them 14 degrees for each side. The best thing to do to maintain the edges is to handwash them with warm water and light detergent and clean them with a clean, soft rag. The better you care for these knives, the longer they will last as they are pretty good edge retention.

Beware that Wusthof knives are more costly than Cutco knives because forged knives are generally more expensive than stamped blades. There is a lot more craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing process of forged knives, such as Wusthof. However, Wusthof also offers two less expensive versions of their blades, which means the quality is not as elite as the original model, but they still serve a great purpose for your kitchen!

The handles of the Wusthof knives compose of either wood or polyoxyethylene. That depends on the model you have. Therefore, the quality of materials used for Wusthof knives is premium, and you have to expect to pay a high price for them, which includes the cheaper models of the brand. Another thing about Wusthoff is that the company will not replace worn-down knives. In addition to that, if you want the company to sharpen your knife, you must pay for it. Which brand is better? The Cutco or Wusthof brand? Let’s now compare the two makes of these premium knives.

Cutco Vs. Wusthof Knives: Which One Is The Better Option?

Let’s quickly review both knife brands. Cucto is a versatile stamped knife that you can only purchase from Cutco representatives. The blades have a stainless steel composition, and they are pretty sharp. If you care for them well, they will remain sharp for a long time. However, if you find they become dull, you will have to send the knives back to Cutco to sharpen them. One reassuring thing about Cutco is that with their “Forever Guarantee” policy, you will have replacement knives sent to you regardless of why the original knives are not usable. It is all for free.

However, if you are looking to make highly gourmet meals where you can slice and dice your food finely and thinly, Cutco may not be the right brand for you. You will want to look at Wusthof knives as this German-made, forged, handcrafted knife can prepare gourmet food. That is why professional chefs and culinary students prefer this brand over Cutco. However, unlike Cutso, Wusthof does not offer a “Forever Guarantee” policy. You have to pay a fee for replacements, and the company may charge you if you want them to sharpen the knives. Therefore, they encourage you to sharpen Wusthof knives yourself. Wusthof knives are also more costly than Cutco knives. Therefore, those are the features to consider when choosing the right knife for you.


After reading the overview of Cutco and Wusthof, you can make your comparison as you know their differences and each’s pros and cons. You have to evaluate your needs which will help you decide on the perfect knife to add to your kitchen. Therefore, there is no such thing as one brand of knife being better than the other. That all depends on what you want. If you are looking to prepare gourmet food, then Wusthof is the better option. However, if the idea of preparing gourmet food does not concern you, and you are looking for convenience, then Cutco is the better option.