Best Blender for Smoothies Reviews

If you’re like me and are trying to have a healthier diet, one of the best ways is to make delicious drinks yourself rather than buying them in the shops. That way you can be sure of the ingredients being used, but what is the best blender for smoothies? In this article we will be looking at a range of smoothie blender reviews and will discuss the main features to watch out for, so by the end you will be able to choose the best smoothie blender for your needs.

Best Blender for Smoothies Comparison


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Quick Blending Action

Shark Ninja

Features: 4/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Powerful Motor

Magic Bullet

Features: 2/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Small and Compact Design


Features: 2/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Designed for Personal Use


Features: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

10 Power Settings

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Smoothie Blender

Buying a smoothie maker can change the way you think about what you eat and drink, but there are a few things you should consider before deciding which product is the right one for you.

Smoothie Maker or Juicer?

First you should decide whether a smoothie maker is what you actually want. They are different to juicers, for example, which extract the liquid from fruits and discard the pulp. Smoothie makers, on the other hand, don’t do this- instead they blend everything into the drink and keep all of the nutrients that would otherwise be lost.

The difference here, of course, is that a juicer will give you a clear juice drink, and the smoothie maker will make a thicker drink that contains all of the flesh and bits.


Different products offer different features for convenience. Think about how many people in your household will be wanting to benefit from using the smoothie maker, as this will influence which one you should get. If a lot of you will want a boost in the morning, for example, then you should get a machine that includes a large blending jug so you can make large volumes in one go.

Similarly, if the idea is that you have a few people who want the ability to make a drink for themselves in a portable container, you will probably want to get one that includes two or three cups with them, so you don’t end up fighting over who gets one.


The power output of the best blender for smoothies will affect how smooth the resulting drink will be, as well as the speed of reaching that stage. Usually, the more powerful a motor there is, the sooner your drink will be ready, and the better it can handle the particularly tough ingredients like ice and nuts. If you want the nuts to be completely broken down, then you will need a higher power machine- probably 600 watts or more.

Don’t purely focus on the power, though, because it isn’t the only important factor when it comes to this. It can also be an indication that the lifespan of the product will be shorter because it exerts much higher loads against its construction.

The other main factor when it comes to blending efficiency is the way the blades have been designed to work. Some jugs have blades all the way up, while others, and the cups, have blades just at the bottom. This can risk simply blending up the ingredients positioned near the base, but whatever is higher up may completely avoid the blades altogether.

Some smoothie blenders create a vortex that pushes the liquid upwards and sucks the solid matter down towards the blade in an effort to reduce this effect and, when done right, this is more than adequate.

You should also think about the variety of things you want to be making with your blender. If it’s simply for smoothies, then you’ll be fine with the product that won’t let you adjust the speed, but if you want to be making dips like guacamole and chunky soups, it would be worth getting a blender that gives you different power options and, therefore, the ability to more easily determine how smooth it turns out.

Build Quality/Material

The quality of construction, and the material it is made from, has more of an effect on performance than you might originally think. Usually you will see blenders made from either glass, plastic, or stainless steel.

Glass ones are really good because you can see what’s inside and easily get to your desired consistency, they are easy to clean, but are also easy to break if you drop them.

Plastic blenders are the most common, and come with various pros and cons. They are more resilient than those made from glass, while still letting you see straight through to see how well your ingredients have been blended. The concern with some plastics, though, is that they can start to either absorb odors and nutrients from the contents after a few uses, but also, particularly if they are cheaply made, can leach into liquids and imbue a plastic taste into you drink.

This is normally because of the presence of BPA- something that manufacturers will either confirm the use of, or proudly advertise they don’t use as a sign of quality.

Stainless Steel blenders are not so prevalent because you can’t see inside to see when your mix is ready, but they are also really easy to clean and are much lighter than the glass options.

If you are making smoothies, handheld blenders will not be up to the job.

Price Point

Smoothie blenders are available across a wide range of price points. If you are buying your first one I would recommend you only get one that is comfortably within your budget range, because you can find perfectly good blenders, even at low prices. If you have already been bitten by the smoothie bug and are looking for a serious machine, then you will need to think of spending a bit more to get a product with all the features you are looking for.

Smoothie Blender Reviews

Magic Bullet NutriBullet

  • 600 watt motor
  • ​Patented blade design
  • ​Cyclonic action
  • ​3 cup capacity
  • 12 piece set

​NutriBullet is one of the leading names of blender manufacturers, and their products are known for their ability to deal with whatever ingredients you want to use, no matter how tough they may be.

​This particular blender of theirs is loved by people all over, and it’s easy to see why. It’s one of their lowest priced versions, and serves as a good starter model to try out, but don’t let this fact deter you- it’s more than capable of satisfying your blending needs. With purchase of this 12 piece set you will get:

  • ​1x NutriBullet high-torque power base
  • ​1x tall cup (32 oz)
  • ​2x short cups (14 oz)
  • ​1x flat blade (for milling)
  • ​1x emulsifying blade (for extraction)
  • ​2x re-sealable lids
  • ​1x lip ring (handled)
  • ​1x lip ring (regular)
  • ​1x pocket nutritionist
  • ​1x instruction manual (which includes recipe ideas)

​This blender is available in either blue, grey, or red, is made from polycarbonate, and weighs 7.65 pounds (when empty). The reason why NutriBullet blenders are so effective is because they provide a lot of power, in this case from a 600 watt motor, and use it to spin the patented extractor blades to create a cyclonic action that will break down anything that is in there.

​This includes things like fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds- all of which will be pulverized and transformed into a tasty smoothie. The best thing about this is that you are turning every bit of the ingredients into a drink, so you will unlock all of the nutritional benefits within the skin, stems, and seeds which are often thrown away when preparing them in a different manner.

​The power means it doesn’t take long at all for your drink to be ready, in fact it will be done in a matter of seconds. The feature I particularly like about this product is the way NutriBullets works. The flow of liquid inside ensures that all of the solids move downwards towards the blades and are broken up, unlike some other types of blender that don’t work as effectively and leave lumps in the drink.

​If you are looking for a blender that will turn whatever ingredients you have into a delicious smoothie, then this is one that is definitely worth considering. Drinks you buy in the shops are full of sugars and additives, far more than most people are aware of, and by making drinks yourself you are able to control exactly what goes into them, and create the exact flavor you like.

​It’s also useful for including healthy ingredients you don’t particularly like and hiding the taste behind better ones. Personally I don’t like Kale, but I try to get it into my diet whenever I can- this blender is great for doing just that.

​Whether you need something as a pick me up on your way to work, as part of a diet regime, a way to make cocktails, or for drinks for your workouts, then you’ll find this one is ideal for you.

​The user’s guide includes various recipes to get you started, although I prefer creating my own, and it’s really good that you get three cups with this blender so your entire family or household can benefit from it, and they are resealable so they are great for taking with you on that morning commute or to the gym.

Shark Ninja Professional Blender

  • 1100 watt motor
  • ​72 oz capacity
  • ​7 piece set
  • ​Makes smoothies in seconds
  • 3 power settings

If you are looking for a blender with a massive amount of power behind its blades, then this professional blender from Ninja could be exactly what you need. It’s the best ninja blender for smoothies, and comes with a 1100 watt motor- far more than most other products offer.​

​Of course there’s more to a blenders efficiency than the strength of the motor, so this one has been designed to work in conjunction with Ninja’s “Total Crushing Blades” to ensure that all ingredients are broken down into a smooth consistency. With purchase of this 7 piece blender set you will get:

  • ​1x Nutri Ninja power base
  • ​1x XL blender jar (with 72 oz solids capacity and 64 oz liquid capacity)
  • ​2x Nutri Ninja cups (with 16 oz capacity)
  • ​2x “to go lids”
  • ​1x cup blade

​This is everything you will need to start making smoothies for at home or on the go. This best blender for smoothies is made from plastic, and has a total weight of 9.96 pounds. The dimensions are 12×9.25×16.38 inches, so it will fit neatly on your kitchen worktop.

​The XL blender jar is great because you can make large amounts of smoothies without having to empty it and start again, so you can make drinks for the whole family or to last you all day. The total crushing blades backed up by the 1100 watt motor means that even the toughest of ingredients, like nuts, will be crushed to the same consistency as the softest ones, leaving a consistently smooth drink.

​The other good thing about the blades in this jar is that they are organized around a central column that runs from the base to the top, so all of the ingredients are blended at the same time. This is different to most other models that simply have blades at the base and requires the material to fall to the bottom before it is broken up.

​If the XL blender jar makes too much smoothie for you, or if you’re making a drink you want to take out of the home, then the Nutri Ninja cups are perfect. They work in a similar way to other blenders, where you fill them with your smoothie ingredients like fruits and vegetables, screw on the cup blade attachment, and secure it into the power base unit.

​Your smoothie will be made in no time and, after replacing the cup blade with a “To Go Lid”, you can take it with you wherever you want. These cups are ideal for taking a drink with you to work, to the gym, or even the theatre so you can avoid purchasing sugary drinks.

I like how this best Ninja blender for smoothies combines two different blender designs- the more traditional jar, and the smaller cups. This also means that there are three different power settings to allow you to get your preferred consistency- something that is not normally possible for the cup blenders.

​The power output means that it will easily crush ice to allow you to make sumptuous frozen smoothies, and it offers a great way for you to make drinks that taste amazing, while being aware of the exact ingredients. All of the parts are BPA free and safe for use in the dishwasher, so you can be as creative as you want without having to worry about how you’ll clean it up afterwards.

Magic Bullet Blender

  • 250 Watt motor​
  • ​11 piece set
  • ​Blend in 10 seconds
  • Small, compact design

​If tabletop space is limited in your kitchen and you want to buy the best small blender for smoothies, then this option from Magic Bullet could be a good choice for you. Weighing only 4.7 pounds and measuring 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 inches, it’s a small and compact design that has a 250 Watt motor, which provides plenty of power to turn your ingredients into a smooth drink.

​While it’s not as powerful as the other blenders in this review, it is a lot cheaper than other products, so it is also ideal if you need to keep to a budget with your purchase. Within the 11-piece set you will get:

  • ​1x high torque power base
  • ​1x cross blade
  • ​2x solid cup lids
  • ​1x flip top cup lid
  • ​2x comfort lip rings
  • ​1x party mug
  • ​1x short cup
  • ​1x tall cup
  • 1x recipe ideas book

This is all you need to get started straight away and make smoothies out of whatever ingredients you want.

​The combination of the 250 watt motor with the cross blade means that your drinks will be ready within a matter of seconds. All you need to do is choose which cup or mug you want to use, fill it with your fruits and vegetables, screw on the cross blade attachment, and fix it in place into the power base.

​You then push it down and the blades will spin- when it’s done you simply release the pressure, switch the cross blade attachment with one of the lids and you’re ready to go.

​I like how you get three different types of cup with this best blender for smoothies, so you can always make the exact amount you want. It also means that you can make drinks for three people without needing to re-use anything, and the portability of the cups allows you to take them with you to work, to the gym, or anywhere else you go.

​This means that you will have full control over what you are drinking, and are aware of all of the ingredients, unlike shop bought drinks that use a lot of additives to increase their shelf life and improve their flavor.

​It’s not just drinks you can make with this blender, though. The recipe ideas book will show you how to make dips like guacamole, salsas, and a bean dip for you parties. To have a chunkier result you just use the machine for a shorter amount of time and, with practice, will soon learn how to make chunky concoctions, or perfectly smooth ones.

​Customers who have left reviews about this best cheap blender for smoothies have noted how it’s relatively quiet to use in comparison to other options, and you don’t feel as much vibration feedback through your arm as you use it. Of course, this is because it has a weaker motor than others, but this will only be a problem if you want to use particularly tough ingredients, which may not end up as smooth as the more powerful blenders can achieve.

​If you are new to blenders and making your own smoothies- whether it be as part of a diet, exercise regime, convenience, or wanting to take more control over what you are eating, then this blender is great. If you have used ones before, though, you may find it a little on the weak side than you are used to.

Epica Personal Blender

  • 250 watt motor
  • ​23,000 RPM
  • ​Break resistant 20 oz mixer jar
  • ​Made with stainless steel
  • Mixer jar doubles as a cup

​This personal blender from Epica gives you the power you need to break apart any ingredients you want, allowing you to release all of the nutrients to make delicious smoothies, cocktails, purees, soups, and plenty more. The 250 watt motor spins the surgical quality blades up to 23,000 RPM which tears through even the toughest of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, to leave you with a soft and smooth drink.

​The best small blender for smoothies measures at 9.8 x 9.4 x 6.6 inches and weighs 3.4 pounds, so it will fit nicely onto your kitchen worktop- ready to be used whenever you need it. It is ideal for people who want to have full control over the ingredients within their drinks, as an alternative to shop bought ones that are usually full of preservatives and sugars.

​You can also add highly nutritional foods you don’t like the taste of, because you can adapt the recipe to help cover these up, but still reap the benefits. Within the package you will receive:

  • ​1x high powered base unit
  • ​1x blender jar (that can be used as a portable bottle)
  • ​1x blade attachment
  • ​1x sealable lid

​Epica have included some useful design features with this blender that makes it extremely versatile during use. In terms of safety, it has a secure shutoff mechanism that prevents the motor from activating unless the jar has been put in place, and the rubber grips on the base keep it steady at all times.

​This blender and the cup are suitable for use in varying temperatures too. It can deal with ingredients ranging from -40°F to 175°F so you can make cold cocktails, smoothies, and warm soups without any problems.

​The cup is durable, and can be safely put in the refrigerator, freezer, and the dishwasher. It is also break proof, dent proof, scratch resistant, and has been made without BPA’s so the taste of your drink won’t be affected by flavors leaking from the plastic.

​The one drawback with this blender is that it only comes with one cup. That cup, itself, is great, and is ideal for making a smoothie in the morning and taking it with you on a run, to work, or to the gym, but the inclusion of one means that only one person can benefit from it at a time, unlike other blenders that will provide three or four cups for the whole family to use.

​If you live on your own this will be no problem, but with other people who also want to use the blender, it’s not so suitable. Unfortunately Epica do not sell additional bottles separate to the blender, but there are other companies that make ones designed to fit perfectly, so it is possible to overcome this hurdle if you decide that this blender is the best one for your uses.

​The manufacturers stand by the durability of their product, so they offer a 2 year warranty upon purchase to give you further peace of mind before buying.

​Customer reviews left on Amazon are very positive, particularly because of the small design and the fact it is intended for personal use. It is very effective at blending different ingredients, and withstands the rigors of being used every day. The bottle is slightly tricky to clean out after use, but is dishwasher safe, so if you have one available it would be best to use that.

Oster Simple Blend 100

  • 10 speed settings
  • ​700 watt motor
  • ​Pulse feature
  • ​Blending jar with 6 cup capacity
  • Stainless steel blade

​If you are looking for a low priced personal blender, then this product from Oster is well worth your consideration- a good design and modestly priced. It’s a traditional blender design, and with that comes more control over blending speeds to achieve the texture you want.

​The 700 watt motor transfers the equivalent of 450 watts into the blending, which is more than enough to liquidize whatever ingredients you want to add to your drinks. This blender is made from plastic, measures at 6.4 x 9.95 x 12.3 inches, and weighs 3.9 pounds. Within the box you will get:

  • ​1x base unit
  • ​1x blending jug
  • ​1x lid
  • ​Recipe suggestions
  • ​Blend and go cup

​The crush pro 4 blade is made from stainless steel and uses a 4 point design to release all of the nutrients from your fruits, vegetables, nuts, and any other ingredients you want to use. There are 10 different speed setting so you can decide how smooth or lumpy you want the end product to be- so this blender is ideal for making a wide range of things from the smoothest smoothies, to chunky guacamole, and peanut butter to the exact consistency you like it.

​Usually the mid setting will provide ample enough blending to achieve a good result, but if you are using something tough, like ice, then the top setting will easily break it down.

​Oster have made this blender to last, with the drive system being made from all metal. This, they say, has been tested to blend up to 10,000 smoothies, and to prove how sure they are about this they include a 10 year warranty upon purchase.

​The blending all happens within the jug, so you can’t directly use the cup with it, but this is hardly a detracting factor from it, because the jug is, therefore, better designed to serve its purpose. With the blenders that use cups with blade attachments, there is a tradeoff with efficiency to provide the convenience.

​This jug, on the other hand, has the blades permanently fixed inside it, so it has been designed around them to transfer as much power as possible into the blending action. The blend and go cup is really handy, and is perfect for taking your smoothie with you wherever you go. Whether it’s to the gym, work, on a cycle ride, or anywhere else you want to take it, it’ll keep your drink tasting fresh for hours.

​Reviewers on Amazon really enjoy this blender, and find it to work well when making smoothies, grinding coffee, making soup, and even for grating cheese. As with all blenders of this design, it can be a little more tricky to clean the jug once you are done, but if you have a good dishwasher it will be no problem.

​It’s not quite as powerful as some of the more expensive options, but there’s a reason why people love it and that’s its overall convenience and ease of use.

Best Cheap Blender for Smoothies: The Final Word

Modern life leaves us all in a rush, and usually the best way to get nutritional drinks in a busy day is simply to buy one in the shops as you move about. We are all now becoming aware, though, of how many unknowns are involved when we do this, not least the amounts of preservatives and sugars that have been added.

One great solution to this is getting your own smoothie maker that will let you make drinks at home, fully knowing exactly what ingredients are going into them. The best blender for smoothies will let you create your own delicious recipes, tailor the use of fruits and vegetables to your requirements, and be able to convert the ingredients into your smoothie in only a matter of seconds.