Calphalon Knife Review


Would you consider purchasing a knife from a company that is known for its cookware instead of knives? If you see the quality of the blades as good, then why would you hesitate to do so? The company known for its high-quality pots and pans and aluminum cookware that also makes knives is Calphalon.

Calphalon’es establishment happened in 1963 in Perrysburg, Ohio, and the original purpose was to tell cookware to restaurants and other professionals. The original name of Calphalon was Commercial Aluminum Cookware. The name change did not happen until 1992, and the company evolved tremendously to the point of making high-quality knives. The focus will now be the Calphalon knives, and we will highlight the features, pros, cons, and final verdict.

Calphalon Knives Features

Calphalon is a high-end name because it is known to manufacture high-end cookware, and the knives are no different. What makes the Calphalon knives different from many others around us that they include self-sharpening technology. Therefore many Calphalon knives are self-sharpening, but not all are, which means you will have to sharpen them or take them to a professional.

There are over 20 Calphalon knife sets to choose from, which include their Precision series, which has the model number 1932941. There is also the Contemporary, model number 2023115, and the Classic set, model number 1924554. The blades that Calphalon uses for their knives are high-carbon steel, which makes them durable and long-lasting. Many models have a full-tang design and are easy to use as they feature ergonomic handles. Now, let’s go over the pros and cons of the Calphalon knife brand.

The Pros Of Calphalon Knives

The advantages of the Calphalon can range based on the model. However, I will go over the overall pros that you can expect from this brand. The great thing about Calphalon knives are:

  • The brand as a whole offers a wide range of knives.
  • Most of the knives have labels on them, making them easy to identify, which is essential, so you know that you are using the right knife for a particular purpose.
  • Most of the knives feature a full-tang and go through the forging process.
  • Most of the knives are self-sharpening.
  • The blades consist of high-carbon durable steel.
  • The balance is excellent.
  • You can comfortably hold the contoured handles.
  • You have a lifetime warranty with Calphalon products.

As you can see, you are getting quality knives from Calphalon. However, like anything else in life, there are pros and cons, and Calphalon knives are no different. Let’s go over the cons.

The Cons Of Calphalon Knives

Calphalon makes high-quality knives, but they are not perfect, as you cannot expect perfection from any product. Let’s go over the disadvantages of this knife brand:

  • Caphalon knives are expensive, as some lower-end models are less expensive than others.
  • Not all knives have the self-sharpening feature.

The steak knives go through the stamping process.

  • Even though Calphalon knives are high-quality, they don’t measure in quality to traditional Japanese or German knives.

Those are the disadvantages of the Calphalon brand, and as you can see, there are fewer cons than pros which makes this product an excellent one. I will elaborate on my thoughts on this knife brand when I go over the verdict, which I will do right now.

The Verdict

Calphalon is a well-known company that has been around for decades under a different name at its establishment, which was Commercial Aluminum Cookware. At that time, the company only sold cookware to restaurants and other professionals. It did not serve the general public. However, in 1992, Commercial Aluminum Cookware changed to Calphalon, expanded its kitchen products, and sold it to the general public. All of their cookware is high-quality, and their knives are no exception.

Therefore, when you are looking into purchasing knives by Calphalon, there are over 20 sets to choose from as they offer various knife sets. All of their knives consist of high-carbon steel‘, and most of their knives are self-sharpening, which makes this product appealing. They also manufacture most of their knives by going through the forging process. They are also easy and comfortable to use. Additionally, the company offers you a lifetime warranty which is hard to beat.

However, there are a few drawbacks, such as expensive, not all of their knives have the self-sharpening feature, and they stamp their steak knives. Calphalon is an American-made knife which means you cannot expect the same quality as you would get from German or Japanese knives. However, Caphalon is a great make, as the brand does have a lot to offer.