How To Grill Haddock


Fish is good for you as it contains essential nutrients and fats which your hormones, brain, and nerves need to function correctly. In addition to that, the proper nutrients you get from fish will help your immune system work as well as it can. However, the one issue is that frying is preferable to many when it comes to preparing fish.

When it comes to frying any food, you are adding extra fat and calories into your dish. That even goes for frying fish or other meat or vegetables in healthy oils such as olive oil. You are adding extra calories, which will contribute to weight gain, not what you want. That is because weight gain contributes to many preventable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. What you want to do instead is to grill your fish, and grilling will remove fat and calories, which makes it lean. One of the healthiest fish you can eat is grilled haddock. Grilling haddock is so easy to do. Let’s now talk about how to do that.

What Is Haddock?

Haddock is one of the commonly eaten fish in North America and other parts of the world. It is part of the cod family, and the features are firm flesh, moist characteristics, and a mild taste. You will want to buy haddock from your supermarket that features the blue Marine Stewardship Council or MSC label because you know from there the quality is good. That means the conduct of the harvest was responsible and passed the U.S. regulations.

The haddock’s lifespan is average ten years, and the length can be from one to three feet. However, the ideal age of haddock for catching is three to seven years old. A three-oz serving of the fish has only 63 calories, 14 grams of protein, and half a gram of fat. In addition to that, the fish has many essential nutrients. That is why it is an ideal choice for those who are keeping lean and watching their health. That is why if you are trimming down or you are maintaining your weight, haddock is an excellent meal option. In addition to that, you want to grill the fish instead of frying it. Let’s go over how to grill haddock straightforwardly.

Grilling Haddock Made Easy

The first step before grilling your haddock is to wash the fish by placing it under the stream of running water. However, ensure that you don’t run the water on high pressure, or else the fish will split. Run the fish gently under the water, and then take paper towels and gently dry them.

Then choose the seasonings and spices you want to add to the fish and take them out. Take out your olive oil, and pour a small amount of it into a small dish. Sprinkle the seasonings that you want to add. Take a brush and then dip it into the oil with the herbs. Gently brush both sides of your haddock, so it does not break.

The next step is to use olive oil or nonstick spray to coat the grill’s inside, which will keep the fish from sticking. Then set the grill to medium-high heat, which is ideal for cooking the fish through. The next thing to do is to put the fish on the grill and set the timer for five to seven minutes, as that is the time you will need to grill the fish on each side. Therefore the total time it takes to grill the haddock is ten to 14 minutes. If you are unsure whether you should grill for five or seven minutes, choose six per side.

The only way you will know if that is enough time for grilling your haddock is by testing the flesh with a fork. If the meat is flaky, white, and opaque, then that is what you want to see. Use a spatula or tongs to gently grab the haddock, place it on your plate, and then take a slice of lemon to serve if you want to add extra flavor to your haddock. However, if you do not want to add oil to your haddock, there are other methods to cook haddock.

What Are The Alternative Ways To Prepare Haddock?

Grilling haddock is a healthy choice, and a splash of olive oil is healthy, which is part of the grilling process, so it helps keep the fish intact during the cooking. However, not everyone wants to use oil, and that is perfectly fine. There are other healthy methods to prepare haddock.

One method for the preparation of haddock is by steaming the fish. Wash the haddock carefully, and then season the way you wish. Then put the fish inside of the steamer and then cover it. You will need to steam it for around six to seven minutes, depending on the haddock’s thickness. Steaming is not the only method to prepare haddock.

Another method to cook haddock is to broil or bake the fish. You can throw a few breadcrumbs on the fillets in addition to your desired seasonings. Then preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 260 degrees Celcius. The average baking time takes about 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes is over, then test the fillets to see if they flake easily. If they do, then dinner is complete.

If you prefer to broil haddock, then you will need a baking sheet. Place aluminum foil on the baking sheet, and use non-stick spray to coat it. Place the seasoned fillets on the sheet and ensure that the oven rack is around six inches underneath the broiler. Put the sheet on the frame, and it will take six to eight minutes for the haddock to cook. Those are easy methods to prepare haddock if you do not want to grill the fillets.

You can even choose topanfry it by only using a non-stick spray to coat it. However, beware that you will have to clean the pan out well after preparing haddock that way. You have to clean the grill or oven, but it takes more time and effort to clean the pan.


Haddock is one of the healthiest fish to eat, and it is straightforward to prepare. The one thing you do not want to do is fry your haddock in oil or butter as that adds more fat and calories into your dish, which is not what you want if you are attempting to stay trim. That is why the preferred method to prepare haddock is by grilling it. You can splash a small amount of olive oil, a healthy oil, and season it the way you’d prefer. There are alternative methods to prepare haddock if you don’t want to grill the fillets‘. Either, the fish is delicious and easy to make.