How To Make Peach Wine


If you plan to have company over one evening and want to make a delicious beverage for them to enjoy, one easy one to make is peach wine. If you like peaches, which most people do, then you can enjoy them too each evening as you relax while lying in the bathtub and reading a book. Peach wine is not only tasty but is quite refreshing and calming. Therefore, to make peach wine, you will need to have your apparatus and ingredients set up and square out the time to prepare the beverage. First, let’s go over what apparatus and components you require to make the peach wine before beginning the process.

What Are The Items You Need To Make Peach Wine?

The first thing you must have in place is a sanitary and clean bucket for the primary fermentation. You cannot make wine without this essential item. You must have a plastic bottle or a glass that can hold up to a gallon for secondary fermentation. Once you have those items in place, then you can begin the process.

The other items you will need are a knife to cut the peaches, a measuring cup or two, and a small bucket for the yeast starter. You also will require to have on hand either a nylon bag or a plastic zipper close bag, in addition to some cheesecloth. Now you know what items to use for preparing peach wine. It is time to understand what ingredients you require to make the good stuff!

Peach Wine Ingredients

  • One pound of sugar
  • Three pounds of peaches that are slightly under-ripe, and ensure you do not get over-ripe peaches
  • One cup of orange juice
  • Water
  • One tablespoon of brewer’s or wine yeast, however, baker’s yeast is okay too

Once you have those ingredients ready and the apparatus to make the wine, now it is time to begin the process.

The Process Of Making Peach Wine

The first thing you want to do is make a yeast starter that will speed up the fermentation process rather than placing the yeast inside the peach juice. You will need to take a cup, pour around half of a cup of orange juice, and put the yeast inside. Allow it to settle in a warm environment that is not around any sunlight for about two to three hours or until you notice it foaming. Therefore, when the orange juice has a frothy appearance, that means the yeast is doing its job, and you can begin to prepare your peaches.

The next thing to do is to thoroughly wash your peaches and lightly scrub them with your hands under a stream of running water. Ensure that you take away the leaves and stems, and if you notice any discolored or bruised areas of the peach, you must cut them out. If you allow any ruined areas of the peach to remain in place, that can become a breeding ground for bacteria, so you want to be very careful. That is the reason, too, that you never want to use overly ripe peaches to make peach wine as they will attract bacteria.

However, if you don’t want to go through the bother of cutting away bruised or discolored areas of your peaches, there is an option. You could always utilize Campden tablets which kill bacteria. If you decide to use that, you must allow it to sit before you incorporate the yeast. If you go this route, you are adding chemicals to your peach wine which is not something that many people want to do. That is why it is worth the extra effort to cut away the bad areas of the peaches. Now that you prepared the yeast starter and cleaned the peaches, now you are onto the exciting step, which is the wine-making process!

The Wine-Making Process Begins

You cleaned your peaches and removed the stems, the leaves, and the bad areas (unless you decided to use Campden tablets), and now it is time to cut them. Cut your peaches into quarters and as you do, remove the pits, and then place the cut-up quarters in the bag with the cheesecloth. The next step is to squeeze your peaches over the bucket. That way, the juice squirts right in there. After squeezing as much juice as you can into the bucket, toss the rest of the peach contents in it.

If you are using a nylon bag, you will need to tie it and then toss it into the bucket. Now you have the peach juice and its contents in the bucket. The next thing to do is take half of a cup of orange juice (not the one you used for the yeast starter) and pour that inside. Do not do anything with the yeast starter yet.

The next step is to turn away from the bucket. Then, go to the other container and pour in half of a gallon of water in addition to one pound of sugar. Begin to stir and keep stirring until you dissolve every grain of sugar. You now have a sugar solution that you will add to the bucket and mix it.

After finishing that step, then you can incorporate the yeast starter and stir it well. The last thing to do is to place cheesecloth or plastic wrap over the bucket for a week. Ensure that the bucket is nowhere near sunlight or insects. That means you must find an environment that can protect the bucket from any of that. After a week, you have your peach wine.


Making peach wine is easy, and it is an excellent addition to a party you host, or you can enjoy it yourself when you are relaxing on an evening. Ensure that you have the apparatus and ingredients to make the wine, and then follow the instructions listed in this article. That way, you can make a delicious peach wine that will make you proud. Your guests will also enjoy your peach wine as well. The other beauty of making your delightful beverage is that you can save money on buying peach wine from liquor stores. Why not go ahead and make your delectable peach wine.